Books on castles, ghosts, famous Scots, history, travel
Books on castles, ghosts, famous Scots, history, travel


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Stories of ghosts and witchcraft to chill the nerves and intrigue the imagination…

Castles of Scotland



400+ castles of Scotland with hundreds of illustrations and much much more…


‘Bogle’ means a ghost, sometimes an evil spirit,  or supernatural entity, a word used in Scotland and the north of England.


Here are featured some spine-chilling, creepy, intriguing or occasionally amusing ghostly stories, followed by fascinating accounts of witchcraft and magic.


These all come from Goblinshead publications, although some have been abridged or updated…more will follow…

The Meggernie Haunting: A Ghost of Two Halves

An intriguing story of a the apparition of the upper half and lower half of a murdered woman.

The Ghostly Drummer of Cortachy Castle

Eerie accounts of the spectral drummer that presaged deaths in the family of the Ogilvy Earls of Airlie.

Lillias Drummond and the Ghosts of Fyvie Castle

Strange tale of the ghost that carved its name in a window sill, as well as other bogles at the fabulous castle.

Marion Carruthers and the Green Lady of Comlongon

Tragic story of the feisty heiress in her struggles with her powerful guardian followed by her untimely death.

Evil Spirits: Ring Croft of Stocking, Glenluce and Galdenoch

Troubling stories. from the 17th century. of extreme poltergeist activity in three locations in Galloway.

The Many Ghosts of Glamis

The many different ghost stories from the famous old stronghold.

The Starving Spectre of Spedlins

The tragic tale of Dunty Porteous, imprisoned for burning down his mill but then starved to death.

The Bogles of Duntulm

The many ghosts that haunt the ruinous old stronghold of the MacDonalds in a scenic but windswept spot on Skye.

Janet Douglas, Lady Glamis, 1537

The horrific death of Lady Glamis, burned alive, accused of treason and witchcraft by a vengeful king.

North Berwick Witch Trials, 1590-91

Infamous witch trials of both women and men, associated with North Berwick, leading to torture and execution.

Andrew Mann 1598

Andrew Mann was tried in 1598 and his accounts include healing rituals as well as descriptions of elves and ghosts.

The Erskine 1613-14

The hideous attempted murder of two brothers, heirs to the estate of Dun, by poisoning and witchcraft.

Isobel Gowdie 1662

Confessions of Isobel Gowdie, apparently freely given, with details of diabolic practice, cruel acts and evil spells.

Mary Lamont 1662

The confessions of the teenager Mary Lamont, including trying to throw the Kempock Stone into the sea.

Diabolic Possession 1697-

The accusations made by several children and teenagers that they had been  diabolically possessed.

Maggie Wall and Kate MacNiven

Well-known cases of two supposed witches: Maggie Wall recorded by a memorial, Kate MacNiven by maps.

Janet Horne 1722 or 1727

The death of the last witch in Scotland, although the details are confused.

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