Books on castles, ghosts, famous Scots, history, travel
Books on castles, ghosts, famous Scots, history, travel


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Stories of ghosts and witchcraft to chill the nerves and intrigue the imagination…

Castles of Scotland



400+ castles of Scotland with hundreds of illustrations and much much more…

Scotland’s Wicked Witches


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Reprinted and updated 2017.


…pilliwinks were used on her, crushing her fingers…


Scotland's Wicked Witches has compelling accounts, derived from contrmporary sources, of the most notorious episodes, including the infamous North Berwick witch trials, cases of demonic possession, and covens of wicked witches. Details of allegations are included, such as inflicting illness, demonic pact, causing storms, flying, shape shifting, fornication with the Devil, thieving, killing with spells, meeting with elves, and even trying to drown James VI.


…his skin went black, his inner parts were consumed…



Janet Douglas, Lady Glamis, 1537

Alison Pearson, 1588

Katherine Ross and Hector Munro, 1590

North Berwick Witch Trials, 1590-91

   Geillis Duncan

   John Fian

   Agnes Sampson

   Barbara Napier

   Euphame MacCalzean

   Francis Stewart, Earl of Bothwell

Andrew Mann, 1598

The Erskines, 1613-14

Margaret Wallace, 1622

Maggie Wall, 1657, and Kate MacNiven

Isobel Gowdie, 1662

Mary Lamont, 1662

Demonic Possession, from 1696

   Christian Shaw (Bargarran), 1696-97

   Margaret Murdoch and Margaret Laird (Paisley), 1699-1700

   Patrick Morton (Pittenweem), 1704-05

Janet Horne, 1722 or 1727

Paperback £3.95

ISBN: 9781899874538

Series: Scotland the Grave

Extent: 96 text pp

Illus: b&w drawings + photos

Dimensions: 180 mm high x 110 mm wide x 5 mm thick

Weight: 83g


Printed by Bell and Bain in Glasgow, Scotland

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