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Books on castles, ghosts, famous Scots, history, travel


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Stories of ghosts and witchcraft to chill the nerves and intrigue the imagination…

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400+ castles of Scotland with hundreds of illustrations and much much more…


Eassie | Pictish sculpted stone | The Picts | Wee Guide | Duncan Jones| Goblinshead | 9781899874125 Eassie | Pictish sculpted stone | The Picts | Wee Guide | Duncan Jones| Goblinshead | 9781899874125 | © Martin Coventry

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On minor road off A94, 6 miles SW of Kirriemuir, in Eassie Church, Angus


Standing in the ruins of Eassie Church, this very early Class 2 cross-slab displays a full-length cross decorated with intricate interlaced designs. Above either arm of the cross stands a four-winged angel (the top right is damaged). Below the left arm is a bearded huntsman carrying a spear and square shield, his cloak streaming behind him as he strides from left to right. Opposite to him is his quarry, a fine antlered stag, above an unidentified beast with its tail between its legs, above another animal, perhaps a hunting-dog. On the back of the stone is a Pictish beast above a double disc and z-rod; three robed proc-essional figures; a man with a rod over his shoulder next to a fruit-tree: perhaps Adam and the Tree of Life, or a character from Celtic mythology; and a badly eroded scene with cattle and perhaps an arch. The stone has been cleaned, and is now encased in glass for protection.


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